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We provide a complete range of solar energy solutions including turnkey installation, integrated financing and consulting services.

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About Us

We are convinced going solar needs to be uncomplicated.
And with our turnkey solar powered energy set up solutions, it really is.

This extensive, end-to-end approach spans all of the 4 stages of a standard 50kW to 5MW solar powered energy installation:

1. Site assessment and sourcing – We collect preferences, carry out a site evaluation, figure out which systems are effective for your specific needs, and then work out prices as well as contracts on your behalf.

2. Engineering/design – We logically design your system to reduce solar energy expenses and then maximize system lifespan.

3. Installation/construction – Our solar energy installers render onsite control, deal with any specific construction issues, minimize risk and then guarantees high quality outputs.

4. System maintenance as well as monitoring – We provide customized routine maintenance and monitoring plans to make sure your system constantly works at maximum performance.